The Institute, in collaboration with SERA Architects, Inc. and others, has worked on a variety of projects. See examples from our portfolio here.

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Training & Workshops

The Institute provides Civic Ecology training, facilitation and research to citizens, local government, non-profits, religious organizations and local businesses.

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The Institute offers consulting services to communities, NGO’s, businesses, religious and cultural organizations and local governments.

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What is Civic Ecology?

Civic Ecology is a democracy-driven, whole-systems framework for creating sustainable communities. The framework focuses on empowering citizens of all ages, cultures, and abilities to envision, create, and manage their community’s unique “software” – the integrated energy, nutrient, water, waste, material, and food systems, as well as economic flows and cultural interactions, that animate their place. Exploring and supporting these flows allows communities to enhance their local wealth (environmental, economic, and social), resilience, and competitiveness, and helps them take control of designing and managing their future through collaboration and innovation. Civic Ecology is a fundamental first step in creating resilient communities and places.


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